Nike Zoom Flight The Glove 2013-12-08 23:25:51 released a new color two days ago, we have exposed two launched in the spring of next year the sale of new color Nike Zoom Flight The for everyone; Glove, the Nike, in order to celebrate Gary Peyton in 2006, to help Miami Miami success in the championship, it launched a new "Miami" color. The shoes are made of red in glowing style, with black Swoosh and midsole, and the details are outlined in yellow. There is no sale information for this color yet.Air Jordan 4 " Fire Red " next year to confirm the sa Cheap air jordans for sale le of 2013-12-08 22:48:37, after the 2012 Air Jordan 4 wave of re cutting, next year, there is still a pair of Air Jordan 4 worth our common expectation. This pair of Air Jordan 4 is the brand new "Fire Red" color matching, Cameron Anthony also on the network several times drying out these shoes. This color we saw in Air Jordan 5, the red suede shoes surface texture extraordinary. It is reported that this color will be on sale in the autumn of next year, it will set off a reign of terror.2010353835901.jpg (36.45 KB, download number: 0) download at cheap jordans online tachments saved to the album 2010-3-5 08:42 upload phenomena than we know, today's world tide emperor's way belongs to color purple, traced back to the early launch of Bape ape Camo zip-up, a purple fans become the most popular, although many sold out and red together, but echoed many than red ifheavier, even at that time is the year the light of tidal stars Edison also repeatedly with purple on many newspapers and magazines; the preceding period visvim launched a purple Ballistic 25L, the Backpack, so that the entire market panic buying into t cheap jordans for sale mens he crazy state, finally everyone have trouble with the complaints four. In recent years, new and innovative company in the field of design and manufacture of climbing shoes, but the old manufacturers also constantly improve its research and development efforts. From the shoe, shoe, tap the creative lining to the sole and so on, but in any case, always cannot do without the basic properties of the weathering, anti-skid and comfort requirements etc..& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] just smoke cleared the trac Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping k and field world championships in Beijing and is one of the World Cup, the Olympics alongside the world's three major events, naturally various sports brands competing to snatch appearances chance on the big stage. In addition to the stadium athletes who win gold and silver medals, world championships also sports brand sponsors the contest battlefield. Adidas as the International Association of Athletics Federation's official sponsor, within the nest from volunteer to staff are dressed in full Adidas equipment. Adidas televised around the world t cheap jordan shoes for men rack and field fans in Taylor. But slightly Unfortunately, it's top athletes did not have two rivals dazzling. at the Beijing world championships arena, Nike's exposure to far more than the other competitors. As Tian Tan dominant US team and the host Chinese team's sponsor, Nike will undoubtedly become this year's world championships, "the most dazzling star." Before the world championships, Nike Athletic Association with the United States renewed a 23-year, $ 500 million contract. Nike and the United States track and field team this contract no Retro jordans for sale t only spans long and fine terms. In the new contract, Nike will continue to be the United States Track and Field Association and the exclusive supply shoes athletes and sponsors. In addition, not only for the Nike USA Track & Field shoes exclusive development of licensed products, but also won the right to operate in the United States Athletics related development of mobile applications and social networking platforms. $ 500 million sounds like an astronomical figure, but Tandao every year, Nike paid the cost of USA Track & Field's only $ 20 millio cheap foamposites n, while sales of Nike over $ 4 billion. Nike also signed early Subing Tim Chinese players, Zhang Peimeng and Li Jinzhe, and provides a full range of clothing for the Chinese track and field team game. After the war meters to win the major mainstream media coverage and worldwide news emerging Puma shirt, help Puma brand returned to public view. Adidas and Nike, with generous investment is different, then eat quasi Puma Bolt, Bolt as the main sponsor, as early as in the 2002 World Youth Championships, Puma Jamaica on the legs a fancy boy, After an Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping early start, and he signed a long-term contract, the Beijing Olympic Games, this contract worth $ 9 million per year. It is reported that the latest contract value will rise to $ 10 million. Although it can not be compared with football and NBA star salary, but for track and field athletes, this is an astronomical figure. Beijing opened the day before the world championships, Puma launched a 30-second advertising film "Return." August 23, when Bolt won the men's 100 meters champion, the next day on the platform Beijing Subway Line No. 10 to see the Retro jordans for sale Puma advertising. Even the world's fastest man who wants to listen to sponsor the proposal. Puma Bolt not only about what to wear, or even determine Bolt's time to retire. Bolt had said earlier in the 2016 Olympic Games in the end about retirement, but under the requirements of sponsors Puma, Bolt has decided to run another year until the end of 2017 World Championships in London, and then fight for a 100 meters champion to serve their own retirement painting satisfactory conclusion. Despite the current world championships, held in Beijing, but cheap jordans for sale it is difficult to see the domestic sports brand in television, for the world championships have an international audience, for the global market, and the vast majority of domestic sports brands target consumer groups are in the country, the domestic sports brand for track and field is still in its primary market investment underpowered. This is why the emergence of multi-field world championships is an international brand and one of the reasons few domestic brands. But it is worth noting that some of the domestic sports brands have begun to try to get involved in athletics arena market. The world championships, the Iranian team on wearing "Li Ning" brand of clothing to participate in the race. The extra step of Kazakhstan signed star Leipakewa, then get the world championships women's triple jump competition third. This is also the world championships podium we can see only domestic sports brands. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre) & nbsp;According to the "Legal Daily" reported that, although the shoes look similar, but rough, pungent odor, a plastic shoebox, shoebox and some even did not. A few days ago, just these fake "NIKE" trying to pass through postal channels when he was caught by Beijing Customs. According to field officers introduced consignor of the goods because they can not provide the use of "NIKE" trademark legal proof, Beijing Customs to detain a batch of goods, and investigation. The investigation, these counterfeit "NIKE" shoes are sent to the sender with a different recipients United States, Japan, Britain, etc., according to the analysis is likely to be by way of Internet mail order from the infringing activities. "NIKE" company representative of China, Chief, Brand Protection Committee Chairman Mr. Wei told reporters that most of these fake "Nike" is the current market is extremely popular "Jordan" series, equivalent to the market price of about 600,000 yuan. He also specifically told reporters that the current domestic online sales of "NIKE" shoes are all fake, "NIKE" just opened online sales in the United States. In this regard, he cautioned buy real "NIKE" shoes of consumers, we must go to the store to buy.