[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Recently, & quot; fake first person & quot; Wang broke the news, with a brand of Nike basketball shoes sold in the US and China, but not homogeneous, different price. Upon this disclosure, immediately caused an uproar, the international brand once again brought to the cusp. Public opinion generally questioned: whether such practices constitute fraud Nike whether there is price discrimination ?? Wang found September 6, & quot; fake first person & quot; Wang broke the news: his September 4 in Beijing Joy City store to buy a pair of Nike price up to 1299 yuan of NIKEZOOMHYPERDUNK2011 basketball shoes, go home after the discovery soles Two air observation window is not the same. Foot viewing window you can see the roots of white cushion inside presence, the forefoot portion is dark, like the color of the soles of rubber, there are significant differences by hand. Wang no doubt forefoot cushion. His section on the official website of Nike shoes, shoes with the money found in the United States sells for $ 125 (about 800 yuan), there are two ZOOM cushion, while in China the name & quot; heel and forefoot ZOOMAIR for the feet It gives a soft, cushioning protection high response & quot; the advertising of this shoe is only one cushion. September 5, Wang to th Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping e Beijing Administration for Industry and West Branch of Chinese consumers to report suspected fraud Nike. September 8, Nike China marketing director Sima Pei statement: & quot; problem NIKE ZOOM HYPE DUNK since the end of July 2011 2011 basketball shoe market in Chinese mainland found Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. were the first round of the survey. After investigations regret to find that we were wrong with the forefoot and rear foot are built ZOOMAIR promotional materials. We therefore mistake to consumers apologize for the inconvenience. & Quot; Sima Pei said that at present, nike Chinese official store has been updated product information, is also on the market of this product-related information be corrected. Sima Pei commitment, for the September 9, 2011 (including September 9) purchased the product and is affected by the above-mentioned reasons, the customer satisfied with the product, the company will recover the goods and original shopping vouchers at the same time a one-time full refund of the purchase price, and assumes the costs associated with return and produce no more than 300 yuan of. For Nike & quot; wrong with promotional materials & quot; response, Wang said that Nike is false propaganda, if truthfully to tell consumers when selling only a cushion, that is no prob Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping lem, and said they would sue Nike . The author and the Beijing Administration for Industry and West Branch to get in touch, as of press before, the answer is: the case is still under investigation. would constitute fraud Although Nike has responded & quot; due to company publicity material error & quot ;, and statement & quot; a product that complies with relevant quality Nike brand product performance and mainland China test & quot ;. But there is a lingering consumer questions:? An international brand, how it can go wrong in the propaganda Beijing Dongze Lawyer Zhujian Chun believes that Nike must provide enough convincing evidence that clearly the wrong line of promotional materials in order to convince the public of consumers, otherwise, is intentionally make false propaganda, alleged fraud. Professor of Civil and Economic Law China University of Political Science also believes Wang Weiguo, Wang broke the news if true, then Nike's conduct constituted fraud. Wang Weiguo said that under the Consumer Protection Act, the operators in the provision of goods or services, the statement of its goods or services if false or conceal important presence, enough to mislead consumers, constitutes fraud. As for the false statement whether the subjective intent, to be conducted by the releva Retro jordans for sale nt authorities before a conclusion. Turning to corporate fraud liability protection and the rights of consumers, Wang Weiguo said that China's Consumer Protection Law Article 49 of the provisions, & quot; operators to provide goods or services fraud, it should be in accordance with the requirements of consumers increase the amount of compensation for the losses suffered, the increase in compensation for consumers the purchase price of goods or services received twice the cost. & Quot; & quot; therefore, deal with Nike to double the return of the purchase price of gold to bear the responsibility alone of refunds is not enough. & Quot; Wang Weiguo said. whether there is price discrimination & quot; processing products in China, sold to foreign low prices, sold to Chinese people but high prices, this is not discrimination we Chinese people do & quot;? & quot; shoes with the money that we spend 500 yuan to buy a cushion is also less, really funny. & Quot; ...... This is the part of the consumer in the visit learned author Nike in the Chinese market price is higher than the dissatisfaction of the US market. In this regard, Wang Weiguo analysts say, & quot; price discrimination & quot; refers to the sales process in the same market, the different identities for different buyers off cheap jordans online er price behavior. If the race as the standard for price discrimination, it belongs to racial discrimination. At present, China's law on the country of origin of imported products in the market price is higher than the sales prohibition does not act, it can not simply be regarded as price discrimination. The facts in this case does not appear & quot; Racial & quot; situation. Why are frequent fraud & quot; Chinese companies sold to foreign goods better quality than the quality of domestic and foreign companies sold to China exported poor quality than the United States and Japan and other regions, which in the end is why the & quot;! Citizen Wu complained to the author Road. Associate Professor of Civil and Economic Law, China University of Politics and Law Huoyu Fen believe that this phenomenon for three reasons. First, China's laws and regulations on fraud penalties are too lenient. With a commodity, fraud Chinese consumers and US consumers, businesses face the consequences are completely different. In the United States, businesses once consumer fraud prosecution, the facts are clear in the case, it will lead to a bankruptcy, while in China is just reparations apology. The reason is the laws and regulations of China and the US punitive measures against fraud product is different. It cheap jordans for sale mens is precisely because of the low cost of the law in our country was a part of the business to grow and perform daring fraud in China. Second, China's regulatory supervision. Nike incident lax oversight and regulatory authorities have a great relationship, shoe shelves at the end of July when the country's regulatory authorities should be careful checks acceptance. If you can discover the problem, then the whistleblower's role will not be played by a consumer. Third, the high cost of rights of our citizens, less activist approach. At present, most of the consumers rights are infringed, rarely pick up the legal weapons to activists, & quot; you do not want too much trouble & quot;, & quot; report is white Advertisement & quot;, & quot; no time consuming & quot; etc. and the like point of view, has become their rights and interests are infringed upon self-comforting mantra. The high cost of rights, too few effective ways to defend their rights, the program is too complex, too inefficient, so that consumer rights in a passive position. broken discrimination others need to improve their own 3G mobile phones, our price is five times the United States; Mercedes-level sedan, our price is three times the United States; Armani suits, our price is three times the United States ...... Why foreig cheap foamposites n brand products in China sell so expensive? Zhujian Chun lawyers believe that the brand-name goods reason in our selling price is high, the reason is aimed at foreign psychology of consumers Worship, luxury monopoly pricing, and government pricing for the exploitation of Chinese consumers monopoly and no timely regulatory sanctions, resulting in pricing of products sold in China has been completely dominated by international brands, free pricing, no one disputes that. However, Wang Weiguo believes that any company or citizens of a country to another country for commercial activities must comply with laws and local market rules of the host country. States government and people usually in accordance with national laws and local market practices determine the behavior of foreigners in the local market. In general, there is no need of foreigners in accordance with law and market practice to compare the country's judgment, there is no need to determine in this comparison differences appear phenomenon simply attributed to & quot; double standard & quot; or & quot; discrimination & quot; . International brands operating in China, if a violation of China's laws and fair trade guidelines, even in other countries are not prosecuted, nor prevent it from being prosecuted in China. Conversely, if it cheap jordan shoes for men acts in China are not prohibited, nor violate China's public order and social interest, even if it is subject to more stringent controls in other countries even prohibited, it would not be prosecuted Chinese law. & quot; Therefore, to prevent our country in the face of foreign products to consumers feel less than foreign consumers 'discriminatory' treatment, it is necessary to improve our legal norms and market standards, and to ensure that these norms and standards are effective execution. & Quot; Wang Weiguo said. Consumers are injured The author Nike store visits to the New World and found a clerk is giving its customers Hai broke the news NIKE ZOOM HYPER DUNK 2011 basketball shoes. & quot; shoe soles after the biggest feature is to have a ZOOM impact cushion, cushion is very thin, in addition to gas, there is also elastic fibers, is characterized by rapid response, step up can feel the elastic cushion, jumping ability is better, wear in the feet very comfortable, very suitable for basketball fans. & Quot; & quot; How much & quot;? & quot; 1299 dollars, these shoes on your on your rear foot cushion, the cushion is technology costs. & Quot; & quot; Oh, take a pair of 42 yards to let me try it & quot;! I asked why the clerk at Nike have been informed Wang Xicheng District, Cheap air jordans for sale Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau to report NIKE ZOOM HYPER DUNK 2011 basketball shoe alleged consumer fraud cases, still hot shoe. The clerk told reporters: & quot; This is wrong because it was the publicity we received only the head office now requires that we take down the posters inform about this shoe, as to whether the shoe off the shelf, we still have to and other notifications. In the absence of receipt of notice under the planes, we can sell. But we will give consumers clear only one shoe cushion, as consumer buying is not our thing. & Quot; & quot; when the original shelves have not found shoes and propaganda are not the same & quot;? & quot; not found. The thickness of the air around the feet are not the same, forefoot very thin, only a few millimeters in thickness, not looking really is not apparent. You see, after the heel observation window is displayed in this white ZOOM cushion, fingered feel flexible, and forefoot circular observation window display of white is the color of the rubber soles. Even if the white area is ZOOM cushion, nor do I feel elastic, because it is too thin. & Quot; clerk hand holding a shoe in one hand and pointing to the front and rear foot observation window to reporters, and again stressed: & quot; shoe advertisements we have been removed, and Retro jordans for sale now we will forward the customer to purchase explain this paragraph shoes this feature. & Quot; The author also visited the cuiwei, Guorui, Xidan mall Nike store, showed no NIKEZOOMHYPERDUNK2011 basketball shoes & quot; heel and forefoot ZOOMAIR to bring the feet soft, responsive cushioning to protect & quot; the advertising, asked the reason, the clerk said to have been required by the company advertising removed. Nike's propaganda that the presence of untrue, many consumers said, & quot; I grew up wearing Nike products, the Nike out of this thing, I think I'd replace other brand it. & Quot; & quot; silent, Nike makes me very sad. & Quot; & quot; even big brands like Nike are suspected of fraud, so I believe what brand it & quot;? Lawyers Zhujian Chun believes that the recent outbreak of the crisis, companies have a brand trend is the increasing scale, increasing size. These well-known brands have a lot of hard, hard, but after a bigger disregard of social responsibility and consumer interests, do not to do things that should not taste the bitter taste. Zhujian Chun noted that integrity is the need for the cost-conscious, blindly reduce costs and maximize profits only short-term behavior is not conducive to long-term development. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and mo cheap jordans for sale st professional Footwear News)in the next few months, we're going to see New, Balance, steel, blue, and many other color matching 1300. And this release of two American made 1300 suede suede and mesh face to build, two colors will also push the texture and quality to the top, all from the five new England factory elaborate. Stussy x Converse CVO LS Mid 2013-12-08 22:43:39 in the tide of the joint production has been a matter of habit, multi joint production is not a rare event. The stussy joint converse launched this Stussy x Converse CVO LS Mid brand new joint product, I believe it will definitely wipe out the eye-catching spark. Like friends can continue to pay attention.Yeezy and AJ on the two day of the debate began, data show, Adidas became the new overlord in the resale market, Jordan Brand scores back, Now every people who wear Yeezy, there are many AJ, who won in the end you? ... data confirmed that Yeezy vs. Jordan who is the winner of battle. Snupps app is a collection of the share of high-end community, because the Snupps and eBay partnership, attracted a large number of the world's reseller, more than 350 thousand toe on Snupps to share about 2 million pairs of shoes. in the community's shoes market, AJ and Yeezy are also the most common single product, Snupps also produced a Jumpman vs. Yeezy data comparison: 1, the data can be found, more and more people love to discuss Yeezy, instead of Air Jordan. 2, from the user to share a single product, the number of points like Yeezy, Jordan slightly more than Air, to buy a pair of 350 V2 are more likely to find identity. 3, Snupps and other places, Yeezy is more likely to be sold, the seller received the overall income than Air Jordan. see here, Yeezy grab popular Adidas won a lot, but the next two data, is good news for Air Jordan: 4 Air, Jordan production and selling more shoes, whether on Snupps or on the shoes in the market, it can amount to win. 5, Snupps, Yeezy with toe, 62% people also have Air Jordan, Air Jordan and in the collection of toe, only 15% of people with Yeezy at the same time. In life, this is what most people. 6, the most popular Yeezy is 350 V2, and the most popular Air Jordan is AJ1. these data generally reflect the shoes market conditions, Adidas current is the winner, if he wants to make money selling shoes, yeezy is the best choice. should be a sentence: many buy new shoes Adidas, old toe to buy Yeezy, there are a lot of AJ home. 6 months and 6 pairs of AJ to launch, and Yeezy only 1 double. The sports news NBA playoffs in full swing, the first round of the competition is particularly fierce, sixteen teams in the super star The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, dedicated to a wonderful game for the fans. Wang Kaili Knight - Erwin 28 points and 0 assists, scoring only led to win; Utah back in front of God Hayward illness, St Paul will force the situation; 150 million Memphis Mr. Biao paralysis, staged a snatched from the jaws of death the king in the north; fly or, several war letter Milwaukee wolf. Want to know what these players are wearing shoes? Come to see it now. Kelly - Erwin The Cleveland Cavaliers NikeKyrie3PE first just led the team to the first round of the 4 to 0 sweep the Pacers promotion Cavaliers general Kelly Erwin, the all star guard Geoff Teague in and confront the slightest not strive, four games output 25.3 points and 3 assists and 2.3 rebounds in the attack end after blasting opponents. However, in the fourth game 106 to 102 victory over the Pacers, uncle Drew also hit an embarrassing record, he scored 25 throw in 10 scored 28 points but not sent assists, as since 1984, the first 25 shots but no assists the ball after Wei, really embarrassing. However, like his shoes as no matter how, Erwin is still our favorite Cleveland Taka Kato". Gordon - Hayward Utah jazz NikeZoomLive2017PE said the knight against the Pacers weak one, come to talk about the Western Conference first round playoff series with the Clippers Jazz well-matched in strength of fighting, Salt Lake City in front of God Gordon - a great tribute to Hayward for the team in this series. The current will be referred to as Haywood's Utah star, in this season played a career best performance, the success of all star. In the playoffs, he is a continuation of the fiery state. Following the food poisoning in poor condition after his firing back, King Hill battle 27+8+4 Paul just the opponent on the ropes, the sixth battle is scored 31 points nearly Savior, I believe in the near future, the magical white striker will usher in the peak of their own. Shoes, Hayward chose the law-abiding, performance oriented NikeZoomLive2017, as his style of chastity, delicate work in general. DeMar - DeluozanToronto Raptors NikeKobeA.D.PE said the Clippers in suspense Utah, see the Raptors just cruised to the Bucks, the king in the North Road DeRozan scored 32 points, led the team to 92 to 89 victory over the Milwaukee bucks, a total score of 4 to 2 next door. It is worth mentioning that, he also with 10 30+ score, becoming the first person Raptors team history. However, in the next round, face the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers. He averaged 23.5 points.